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Attention Parents: Want to know the easiest way possible to make your child the envy of every other kid in town?

"Make Your Child's Birthday One of the Happiest & Most Memorable Days Of Their Life"


Thank you for your interest in having me perform at your child’s b-day party.  My true job is to make sure the birthday boy/girl has the greatest birthday EVER! Sit back and relax because I’ll make this as easy as possible. There is a lot of information, but I want to make sure you are well informed to make sure you make your child’s special day one they will remember FOREVER!.


This fun filled birthday party package consists of a 45 minute comedy, audience participation magic show.  Here are 5 reasons to have Adam White perform at your child’s birthday party

1. Your child is the star of the show!

They are featured in many of the tricks. This of course makes them feel very special being in front of all the other children helping the magician perform magic. You will have plenty of photo opportunities and will get to see the smile on their face when they cause the magic to happen!

2. Tons of audience participation.

Yes, your child is the star of the show, but all the kids will get to help out in some way. This is important because, as you know, kids don't want to sit and watch they want to get involved. 

3. Amazing Magic.

I design the show for entertaining families, so not only will the kids be impressed, but any adults watching will find themselves scratching their heads thinking, “How’d he do that?”

4. Hilarious Comedy

The kids will literally be rolling on the floor with laughter. Laughing is fun, and that’s what a party is all about, right? Again, I design my show for families so we’ll even get the adults to laugh as well. Don’t worry though, there is never anything offensive in my show

5. FREE Giveaways

Every child in the audience, (and grown-ups too if they wish) will get to go home with my Magic Big Bill that comes with 4 magic tricks they can learn at home. I used to do balloons, but found it was a trick to keep them from breaking before they went home. This way you’ll have a cool souvenir to give your guests to remind them when you had a magician for your child’s big day.



3 MORE REASONS to have Adam White Magic host your child’s birthday.

What is a birthday party without gifts?!?

Your child will also receive:

  • My amazing, rising, jumping magic wand. Which we’ll use throughout the show to make the magic happen.
  • A very funny, magic toy that really steals the show. Trust me, they’ll be over joyed to receive this.
  • They also get their very own official Adam White Magic Kit. This is filled with magic tricks they will get to learn after the party and help spark the interest of a new budding magician.

It'll be the easiest party you've ever thrown!

I practically take control of the party the moment the show starts and then can lead them to cake and presents after the show. You can sit down relax and have fun as well instead of stressing out on what we’ll do next for the kids. 


 Nebraska Magician Adam White 100 percent guarantee

As a bonus: All of my entertainment packages come with a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally delighted with the show at the birthday party, you won't pay anything. No other entertainer around offers THAT!

“Everything sounds GREAT!
How do I reserve a date?”

4 easy steps:

1. Click on the link below and completely fill out the form at the bottom of that page.

2. You will be instantly sent to a page explaining price, and information on the birthday party package. I’ll also personally email you the information as well, so you will have it to review.

3. Read the webpage or email and follow its instructions.

4. Sit back and relax knowing your child is going to have THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

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Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-855-730-1500!

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