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Adam White is an educational and motivational school assembly presenter who offers schools in Nebraska and other states programs that inspire students in a fun, exciting and magical way that no other school assembly programs can produce. Through the years, Adam has helped primary and intermediate school bring in assemblies that really make a difference with their students.


Much, MUCH More Than A Magic Show:
Even though magic is performed during the presentation, what Adam truly provides is an educational program  that teaches your students valuable lessons in a fun way. Adam uses magic tricks, storytelling, puppetry and music to obtain the kids attention and to make sure the message will stick. Every routine is meticulously created to have  a reason for being in the show and tying everything together to reinforce the message.

Very Important Topics:
Adam understands how important it is to motivate students. Be careful! There are a lot of presenters out there working in schools claiming to offer “motivational programs” but end up briefly touching on the topics. Adam guarantees that every school program he presents is full of educational and motivational topics and that every student will be inspired in one way or another. Adam offers programs on five very important topics: Bullying, Reading, Self-Esteem, Test Taking and Healthy Choices.

Smiles and Laughter From Students AND STAFF:
We all know that the best way to reach children and keep their attention is by making them laugh. Adam uses his age appropriate humor to keep them “tuned in” so they are laughing as they learn important lessons. Imagine an assembly so fun, even the teachers will be impressed!

Complete Control Of The Audience:
Not just anyone can hold the attention of several hundred students at a time for nearly an hour. Since Adam has been performing for years, he has learned exactly how to keep the students under control throughout the entire program.  From the moment the assembly starts to the very end when the students are dismissed, Adam will have complete control. You’ll be amazed as the students walk back to the classrooms quietly!

Targeted To Your Specific Grade:
Not every school and fit everyone into a program at the same time. Therefore, Adam has designed three different versions of each school program. There is one for younger grades (Pre K-2nd), one for older grades (3rd-6th) and one for various grade levels.

Fun Audience Participation:  
Students never want to just sit and watch. They want to be a part of the fun! Some parts of the program will use one or two volunteers and some will involve the entire audience getting to participate! No one is made fun of or put down in anyway whatsoever!

Tons of Testimonials:
Having performed schools and hundreds of other shows, Adam has tons of references which we are more than happy to provide you for complete peace of mind. What other school officials have to say about Adam ‘s programs will prove he is everything he says he is and more.

Designed To Fit Your Budget: Adam knows schools have limited budgets, so we have several different ways to help lower the cost of a school visit with Adam White. There is no reason to let your budget limit what you can provide to your students.

Second Program For Free:
To make sure each and every student gets the full effect of the program (see and hear), Adam provides every school a second program (back-to-back) at no additional charge whatsoever. This allows you to split grades up so the younger students (PreK-2nd) and the older students (3rd-6th) can have their own program.

No Risk Money Back Guarantee:
All of Adam’s programs come with a complete, no-risk money back guarantee. If his program is not everything you hoped it would be and more, if the students do not have a great time and if you honestly feel like the program was a complete waste of time, you can tear your check up and consider the program to be absolutely free. No need to worry as no-one has ever asked for their money back.

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Adam White is one of the busiest magicians in the country and his schedule fills up very fast, which is why you need to pick up the phone and call our office at 1-855-730-1500 so you won’t be disappointed or better yet fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible GUARANTEED!

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